Shit I said as an NCO in the USAF TACP Community

Shit I said as an NCO in the USAF TACP Community

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been talking to several of my old Airman and Students from my time as a TACP and TACP Instructor in the Air Force. Two main things I use to say always comes up in discussion, and ladies PLEASE don’t be offended by one of them!

The two things that I have always believed are “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying” and “There isn’t no PUSSY worth it”! So, let me explain this, well hopefully explain this as my wife will without a doubt read this no sooner I post it!

So lets start with “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying”… this saying actually followed me from my time in the Florida Police Academy and to say the least… I was training to become a cop, and as a cop there are no such things as a fair fight, and that follows over to Combat operations as well. To survive on the streets as a patrol officer and in combat as a Controller if you aren’t pushing the limits to ensure your very own safety and to save the lives of your team, then you (In my Opinion) aren’t doing your damn job.

As a police officer you have one job, and that is to ensure the safety of the public, and as a JTAC your job doesn’t change on the battel field… you are there to save lives and ensure that your team, squad or divisional element is protected when they need you! END of fucking story! So, again if you’re not doing everything you can to protect your team, you’ve already failed in your position! Having the intelligence to push the limits only means you know your job better than someone that isn’t willing to deviate outside the box, we won’t call them pussy’s, but fuck let’s admit it in either of these circumstances it’s you or them, and if you can’t make that distinction… you are a pussy.

Now, onto the touchy subject “There isn’t no PUSSY worth it” and why I use to say this. I have watched many of men give into the power of the other sex (FEMALES)! Sorry ladies, I came from an all-male career field, and I will keep this as insignificant as I possibly can. Saying this I may get myself into trouble, but it should be said and maybe others will learn from mistakes made in the past.

I have witnessed many of airman, and soldiers say that “I know I have only known her for a few weeks, but I love her”! Really, what did she break it off right, and now you think that her snatch is the best you have ever had? Come on, pussy is pussy in the beginning, that is of course until you build that bond with that individual… and yes this does translate into the opposite sex! The best you are ever going to have will be built upon trust and the ability to know that person… not because she did some weird shit that blew your damn mind in those sheets, or on the floor… shit maybe even on a PT stand! (HINT, HINT… Damn TACP’S and ROMAHOES).

So, I guess what I am trying to say is, do you want that one that will be with you through the late nights and multiple deployments or some skanke that will find the nearest piece while you’re away! Because isn’t no pussy worth losing your mind and wondering if she/he is going to be out searching for that strange piece of ass while you’re away.

This is what I have always meant when I made these statements, and of course at times it may have been a bit blunt, but fuck it, we are who we are.

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    If this is the Gerald Searfoss, I know. Then you are missing about 20 more f-bombs.

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