Things I Defend

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Things I Defend

When it comes to business, every company has a number of tasks besides just turning a profit. Things like following a passion, innovating, creating quality products or services, and being relatable to the customer. Something some companies forget or neglect is that to relate to the customer, you must establish trust with them. You must treat them well in order to maintain that trust.

One way to establish trust with people is to present yourself, share who you are, and be genuine while doing it. The real deal, Lucille, is that you cannot pretend to be who you are not in an attempt to please customers. In trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Sincerity and being genuine are the keys to building trust. Having personal integrity means being true to yourself and not being afraid to share who you are. The people who respect this and value this are the real audience. Anyone who hates you for being who you are is free to move on. You both win out in the end.

Having established that, we feel it's important to give a glimpse of who we are as individuals. While I cannot speak for the others in War Cry, I can provide a little more of my own values for you, so you can get to know me as more than just an anonymous avatar on the Internet.


Things We Defend

We are a veteran-owned company. We all served in the military, and we've all deployed. We fought for freedom, for the defense of our families, for Americans, and even for those in nations we found ourselves in who could not defend themselves against people who wished to do them harm. Each person fights for a variety of reasons, and sometimes those reasons are different from their peers. That's okay. We don't all need to have the same goals and motivations.

I, personally, fought for freedom, to defend my country from terrorism, for the men who were there with me, for those who couldn't stand up for themselves. I fought for a lot of things.

I value freedom. This is a fundamental concept of America. I believe in Justice. The Pledge of Allegiance ends with "with liberty and justice for all." I took the Oath of Enlistment like everyone else, and I vowed to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. As such, my values align directly with the Constitution. With liberty. My values also align with the Pledge of Allegiance, in that all people ought to enjoy liberty and justice.

I don't defend these things for some people. I don't defend them for any political party, for any group, for those who look or think like me. I defend them for everyone. Even those who disagree with me. Even those whose values don't align with mine. Because the freedom to think what you want is more important than thinking the same thing as others. That is the true meaning of America.


There's an excellent quote by Lady Bird Johnson: "The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom." I think she sums it up perfectly. The clash of ideas. I believe in the clash of ideas. I believe in allowing people the freedom to express themselves.

I also believe in reason and logic. I want other people to allow me the freedom to express myself as I see fit, and therefore I must allow others the same leeway. We don't need to agree. We don't even need to get along. We don't need to think alike or believe the same things. In fact, if I only had friends who agreed with me, I'd have zero friends. Because I also believe in thinking for yourself. I believe you can think apart from those around you and still be friends. I believe you can question a concept without automatically having to accept the converse of that concept (what a concept!). I believe we need to do more talking and less debating. I believe we need to do more listening and less assuming. I believe America - the UNITED States - is meant to be united, not divided. I believe we need to unite more and argue less, otherwise all the external things we're fighting won't be the death of us. It'll be ourselves.

Be reasonable. Quit being upset about everything. Listen more. Strive for discourse instead of debate. It's okay to change your mind when presented with new information, it's okay to admit you are wrong when you are wrong. We are all wrong at times. I value the truth more than my need to be right. Being wrong doesn't diminish your self-worth. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to apologize. And most of all, it's okay to accept responsibility for your actions.

Instead of finding fault in what everyone else is doing, ask yourself how you are making a situation better and how you are making a situation worse. Improve yourself. Build yourself and others up instead of tearing them down. Be genuine. Be solid. Do what's right, even if no one else is.

These are the things I defend. Liberty, justice, integrity, character, self-improvement, reason, and honor.


  • JJ

    My unit ordered custom t shirts from you before – need more. Do you still do that?

  • Chipper Williams

    Hey, I just got off the phone with you about a totally different thing. I wanted to inform you the 2018 PJ Rodeo events will be held Mon. Sep 17th, through Fri. the 21st, with the Pararescue/Combat Rescue Officer Reunion!
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    It is at the Wyndham on the River Walk in San Antonio this year.
    (303) 551-4473 Call me anytime Iā€™m retired. I have lots of time on my hands…, NO MONEY but lots of time. LOL
    HooYah, CHIPPER

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