You are my Hero, a letter to my daugher!

You are my Hero, a letter to my daugher!

“You’re My Hero”

A letter to my Daughter

     These are word that can make time stand still "You Are My Hero" when said by the right person, and for me it is said by a 9-year-old child that fortunately for me is my world.  But why they say it at times, it can be very confusing… but tonight it was very clear to me.  Just a quick back story, my wife found a drawing that she had made, said “Daddy doesn’t Love me, he’s always mad” and this was the other day. And tonight, after building up the courage to actually talk to my daughter… yes, I was very afraid to talk to my nine-year-old and explain to her why daddy was not always in the best of moods, but insured her that it wasn’t her, it was me and some of the things I have had to, and continue to deal with every day.  We talked about the military and me being gone and not always coming back with what and friends that I left with (Not in detail), I thought that it was over and while I sat on the couch watching the news and the debacle of politics that is going on tonight, my wife sends me this (Picture Below)!


    So, was I clear in what I was trying to get across; I think so but let’s let you be the judge of that.  She understands that there were times I was gone for almost a year at a time in her life, but she knew daddy was in the military and had to go fight the bad guys, and that is something amazing that you must appreciate from a nine-year-old child, and her mother without a doubt was the biggest force in that understanding.  

    I have a feeling that this little girl understands more than myself and her mother give her credit for, her attention to detail, understanding, apathy and empathy are truly amazing at times, as well as that mix of complexity that all young ladies have, but to me to have her voice it in such a way as she did was completely devastating and it got me, and I wanted her to understand that daddy will ALWAYS love her… It doesn’t matter what you do, the love is endless, even when I am upset, that will never change.


    So, to my lovely and amazing daughter know this, you are and will always be my world.  You and your brother are what makes me a better person every day, the joy that you and your brother bring to me can never be replaced and you are always going to be my baby girl, regardless of how old you or I get!  You are irreplaceable, nothing in this world will ever make me stop loving you, and if I am breathing no one will ever hurt you, and I am pretty sure I have a group of brothers that will help me keep that promise.  I will walk through the depts of hell to insure your safety, your brother’s safety and your mother’s safety.  Your smile can pull me out of any issues that I am having, the love that you show can create miracles for me and show me the way even when I am confused with life itself.

    You “Aubrey” are truly my miracle and my hero, you made me want to change the person I was, just so I could be around you, and I know that there are times that you don’t think so because I am so stern with you, but I know you are much stronger than I will ever be. But, also know that you are what gives me my strength as well and I will promise you, I will always be your strength when you need it.



    And MOST of all know that I will without a doubt love you endlessly Forever baby girl, and you will always be my hero.

~Love Daddy


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